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19 October 2009 @ 01:01 pm
Xena Quotes  
Angie's Xena Quotes

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - If You Want My Love A Necessary Evil - You must have a death wish The Bitter Suite - Love Will BeOur Guide Hooves & Harlots - Such a Great Story Return of Callisto - Here piggy, piggy The Debt - Driven by a Will The Debt II - Know the Way Chakram - You're a Warrior Prodigal Sister - Take Care of Your Little Sister The King of Assassins - I think I bruised my brain Return of the Valkyrie - It wasn't magic The Debt II - Scratch my Nose Adventures in the Sin Trade - The Destroyer of Nations Ten Little Warlords - Elysian Fields Armageddon Now Part 2 - You Can't Break Our Spirit Stranger in a Strange World - More Skills Than I Thought The Quill is Mightier - Kicks of Such Fury Dreamworker - Forever Changed Destiny - Only Destiny The Ides of March - You Saved Me The Rheingold - And to Conquer Adventures in the Sin Trade - I Hate the Dead The King of Assassins - Send Word Coming Home - There is a Chance Lifeblood - Amazon Legacy Amphipolis Under Siege Fins, Femmes and Gems Sins of the Past - You Picked the Wrong Woman to Get Rough With A Good Day - A Good Day of Fighting

This series began to highlight the great quotes of the Xenaverse!

Sacrifice II - The One I Hate Adventures in the Sin Trade - I'm Alti Here She Comes ... Miss Amphipolis - Don't Hate Me Intimate Stranger - Through Love Fallen Angel - Destined Together The Furies - Lethal Combat Skills Blind Faith - We Pretend The Quill is Mightier  ... - Truer Words Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire - Always Something There to Remind Me If the Shoe Fits ... - In Heaven Last of the Centaurs - Two People's Passion For Him the Bell Tolls - I Always Win You Are There - Never Stop Trying The Ides of March - I Chose the Way of Friendship When Fates Collide - An Unstoppable Team A Friend in Need - I’m just a girl Return of the Valkyrie - Inside Your Heart The Bitter Suite - Bridge of Tears Them Bones, Them Bones - Creature of the Forest Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts - I just wanted to love you Been There Done That - Seize the Day Send in the Clones - Remember what we used to have A Friend in Need II - A Girl With a Chakram Many Happy Returns - Sappho's Poem Judgement Day - Bottle Up Your Emotions Paradise Found - A Good Heart Between the Lines - Mehndi contains truth A Solstice Carol The Quill is Mightier - Truer Words Tsunami - Every Day of Our Lives

The last wallpaper of this set was created May 2009. There's no reason why this series won't continue.
(Anonymous) on December 13th, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
Your Xena quotes
What a fabulous talent you have. the quotes are backed up by super wallpapers. Very carefully thought out and well executed. I wish I knew how you do them so well.
alarson17: Tiger looking regalalarson17 on December 14th, 2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Your Xena quotes
Thank you for your kind words! How do I do it? Lots and lots of practice!!