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19 October 2009 @ 11:53 am
Xena Themes  
Angie's Xena Theme Montages

Magic Moments:  Comforting One Another Magic Moments:  Star Gazing Magic Moments:  Caring for You Magic Moments:  Weathering Life’s Storms Magic Moments:  Trusting Your Instincts Magic Moments:  Holding You Close Magic Moments:  Protecting You Magic Moments:  Dancing with You Magic Moments:  New Beginnings Magic Moments:  Splashing Around Magic Moments:  Looking into Your Eyes Magic Moments:  Facing the Future Together

Magic Moments was my first theme set. It began in August 1999 (640x480) and ended October 2002 (800x600). It's interesting to look back at what I've done, thinking about how I would make them differently today!

Xena's Light What is a friend? Captive Callisto Discovering my Way is You... Violence & Grace Hercules & Xena: the Battle for Mt. Olympus Lucy Lawless in 'The Simpsons' Before Redemption Forgiveness My Way The Way of Friendship Lethal Weapon Unspoken Love Your Fate Dangerous Beauty Perdicus & Gabrielle Amazon Nation Serendipity We Can Work It Out Walk Beside Her

The first three theme montages ("Xena's Light", "What is a Friend" & "Captive Callisto") are 640x480, the rest are 800x600. After reviewing all my themes it occurs to me that theme=miscellaneous! My all time favorite theme is "Walk Beside Her". I made it August 2000 and I still love it!

Like Water My Tribe Welcome to the Doghouse Gift from an Enemy You Fight Like a Woman Annie the Mighty Merry Solstice, Darling This is the story of two friends Beautiful Disguise Battle On! Once Bitten We are the Amazons! Xena and Gabrielle Sappho's Poem Gabrielle's S7 Costume The Guardian Loss Xena the Amazon Serenity I am the Warrior Princess

Lao Ma's "Like Water" montages was my first attempt at using Photoshop (August 2000). You can tell I'm learning how to cut out images, use textures, gradients. I'm particularly proud of "We are the Amazons" ... a great scene from a pretty crappy episode.

A Friend's Prayer A Warrior's Prayer A Lost Soul's Prayer A Mother's Prayer

When you think of the Warrior Princess you generally don't envision her praying. And yet, she has four episodes in which she does! Here's a little trivia for you ... can you name them? Give up? It's "Return of Callisto", "The Way", "Chakram" & "Eve."

A Kingdom for You Speak Softly Everlasting Honor Fishing Home Fires Caesar and Xena Glede Ma Glede Creativity Deliciously Evil Simply Angelic Reborn to Evil The Second Redemption He was my friend. The Voyage of Gabrielle Amazon Dance Party Do You Remember the Time ... Looking Back on my Favorite Day Loving You Has Been My Greatest  Adventure I Live for Little Moments Like That A Test of Courage

Warrior ... Princess ... Mom False Hope Cyane: Amazing Amazon Powerless Ares The Return At the Lake Any Questions? Just Empty Don't You Leave Me! A Journey into Hatred Terrifying Vision Unholy Alliance The Amazon Nation ... Forever The Empress Tobias Myopia & Ezra You Set Me on Fire Feral Warrior Family Fight Evil

Miss Natura Miss Under the Sea Miss Storyteller Miss Bliss Miss Shamaness Miss Natura Round II Miss Under the Sea Round II Miss Storyteller Round II Miss Bliss Round II Miss Shamaness - Round II Miss Natura Round III Miss Bliss Round III

This series was made for the Artypolis Summer 2005 graphic art contest: Miss Artypolis. I miss her site. I guess it's true what they say about all good things ...

The Chakram Confronted by the Past Joxer's Gift Paddle On, Xena! Small Beginnings Heal These Open Wounds Ares - God of LoveWild Thing Angelic Redemption Planet Xena Learn to Fly Everybody Dance Now Something Wicked This Way Comes Happy Birthday, Gabrielle! Xena, the Classic Superhero All That I Wish Snow Goddess Kung Fu Fighting Veni, Vidi, Vici For Ephiny My Boy Joxer The Realm of You Sisters, Lila and Gabrielle Sunday Day, from the Hercules episode  'For Those of You Just Joining Us' Cleopatra Xena: Beginnings Callisto in Hercules: the  Legendary Journeys Wish You Were Here

Return of the Valkyrie Through the Years The Mighty Brothers Fear is the Mindkiller She was Xena ...Simply Gabrielle April Showers Janice Covington and the  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This last set begins my 1024x768 walls. The last one I made was in May 2008.
nan_darkness: cain/ginanan_darkness on October 10th, 2010 08:23 am (UTC)
I think I died and whent to Xenite heaven!
alarson17alarson17 on October 20th, 2010 08:16 pm (UTC)
Xenite heaven?! Sounds nice ... battling on for all eternity! Enjoy my walls :)