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15 October 2009 @ 07:55 pm
Xena Actors  
Angie's Xena Actors

Lucy Lawless in Fresh Magazine Lucy Lawless in Maxim Magazine Vicky Pratt Vicky Pratt - Black & White Claire Stansfield Claire Stansfield 2 Reneé O’Connor Reneé O’Connor in FHM Magazine Hudson Leick Kevin Smith

Xena Retrospective: The first time I put a Xena actor montage together was in 1999. I wish I had some of these images in higher quality, but there weren't a lot of really HQ images at the time. Oh well.

Alexandra Tydings Adrienne Wilkinson Bruce Campbell The XENA Files Lucy Lawless in SNL Steven Sears - Xena Episode Writer Karl Urban Lucy Lawless - How Do You Wear Your  Pride? Reneé O’Connor - 2005 Burn  Foundation Car Wash Lucy Lawless - 'Vampire Bats' Alison Bruce - A Woman of Many Faces Tsianina Joelson Danielle Cormack Sheeri Rappaport

This set is better. I love how the Karl Urban wall came out. What a lovely man.

Gina Torres Hudson Leick Melinda Clarke Shiri Appleby Reneé O’Connor as Lady Macbeth in  Shakespeare by the Sea Lucy Lawless as Number Three in  'Battlestar Galactica' Lucy Lawless as Lucretia in  'Spartacus Blood and Sand'

As you can see I'm still working on Xena actor walls since my last one was of Lucy Lawless as Lucretia. We'll see if I make more for "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". I'm not sure if I'm going to like that show.