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15 October 2009 @ 03:30 pm
Xena Season Six  
Angie's Xena Season Six Montages

New  Opening Credits New Opening Credits Coming  Home Coming  Home - Amazons Coming  Home - Ares Coming  Home - Xena Coming  Home - Ares and Xena The  Haunting of Amphipolis The  Haunting of Amphipolis - Gabrielle The  Haunting of Amphipolis - Xena The  Haunting of Amphipolis - Eve Heart of  Darkness Heart  of Darkness Heart  of Darkness - Xena Heart  of Darkness - The Dance Heart  of Darkness - Gabrielle Who's  Gurkhan? Who's  Gurkhan? - Gabrielle Who's  Gurkhan? - Xena Legacy Legacy - Gabrielle Legacy - Xena The  Abyss The  Abyss - Xena The  Abyss - Gabrielle The  Rheingold The  Rheingold - Gabrielle The  Rheingold - Xena The  Ring The  Ring - Xena The  Ring - Gabrielle Return  of the Valkyrie Return  of the Valkyrie - Through the Flames Return  of the Valkyrie - Gabrielle Return  of the Valkyrie - Xena Old  Ares Had a Farm Old  Ares Had a Farm - Ares Old  Ares Had a Farm - Gabrielle Old  Ares Had a Farm - Xena & Gabrielle Old  Ares Had a Farm - Ares & Horace Dangerous  Prey Dangerous Prey - Varia Dangerous Prey - Honoring Marga Dangerous Prey - Xena The God  You Know The  God You Know - Gabrielle & Aphrodite The  God You Know - Xena as Saba You Are  There You Are  There - Xena You Are  There - Gabrielle You Are  There - The Reporter Path of  Vengeance Path of  Vengeance - Varia & Eve Path of  Vengeance - Amazon Council Path of  Vengeance - Varia Path of  Vengeance - Ares & Xena Path of  Vengeance - Gabrielle Path of  Vengeance - Varia vs Xena Path of  Vengeance - Varia vs Gabrielle Path of  Vengeance - Varia vs the Romans Path  of Vengeance - Varia's Nightmare To  Helicon and Back To  Helicon and Back To  Helicon and Back - Gabrielle To  Helicon and Back - On the Beach To  Helicon and Back - Xena Send in  the Clones Send  in the Clones Last  of the Centaurs Last of  the Centaurs - Different Roads Last  of the Centaurs - Ephiny Last  of the Centaurs - Xena When  Fates Collide When  Fates Collide When  Fates Collide - Xena When  Fates Collide Many  Happy Returns Many  Happy Returns - Xena & Gabrielle Many  Happy Returns - Genia Many  Happy Returns - Gabrielle Many  Happy Returns - Xena Many  Happy Returns - Aphrodite Soul  Possession Soul  Possession Soul  Possession - Xena A Friend  in Need A  Friend in Need - Xena A  Friend in Need - Gabrielle A  Friend in Need - Akemi A  Friend in Need Part II A  Friend in Need Part II A  Friend in Need Part II - Gabrielle A  Friend in Need Part II - Gabrielle A  Friend in Need Part II - Xena

Xena Retrospective: The final season is completely 800x600. I started the series in October 2000 and finished it up March 2002. The Ring Trilogy is pretty fun. And I really like Varia in the Amazons episodes. But I won't be discussing "A Friend in Need."