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15 October 2009 @ 11:58 am
Xena Season 5  
Angie's   Xena Season Five Montages

Fallen Angel Fallen Angel Fallen Angel - Demons Fallen Angel - Angels Chakram Chakram Chakram - Ares Chakram - Hot Tub Version Chakram - Amarice Chakram - Gabrielle Chakram - Xena Succession Succession - Chakram Version Succession - Mavican Succession - Ares Succession - Gabrielle Animal Attraction Animal Attraction - Gabrielle Animal Attraction - Xena Animal Attraction - Xena's Surprise Them Bones, Them Bones Them Bones, Them Bones Them Bones, Them Bones - Gabrielle Them Bones, Them Bones - Gabrielle Them Bones, Them Bones - Xena Purity Purity - Hawk and the Dove Purity - Xena Purity Back in the Bottle Back in the Bottle - Gabrielle and Lin  Chi Little Problems Little Problems Little Problems - Gabrielle Little Problems - Daphne Little Problems - Wrestlemania!

Xena Retrospective: Season Five is very uneven for me. I know it must have been problematic to work in Lucy Lawless' pregnancy, but I didn't enjoy the "special baby" storyline. The journey back to Chin didn't work either. Still, we got the yin yang chakram ... and that was pretty cool. I stopped making 640x480 montages after "Little Problems" (12/4/99).

Seeds of Faith Seeds of Faith - Callisto Seeds of Faith - Ares Seeds of Faith - Gabrielle Seeds of Faith - Xena Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire LLHoF War What is it Good For LLHoF Dancing in the Moonlight LLHoF There's Always Something There to  Remind Me LLHoF Sister are Doing it for  Themselves LLHoF Go Go Gabby LLHoF People Everywhere Just Wanna Be  Free Punch Lines Punch Lines - Writer's Block Punch Lines - The Doctor is In ... Punch Lines - The Great Pie Fight Punch Lines - Xena God Fearing Child God Fearing Child - The Birth of Eve God Fearing Child - Xena God Fearing Child - Ares God Fearing Child - Gabrielle God Fearing Child - Hercules God Fearing Child Eternal Bonds Eternal Bonds - Sweet Dreams Eternal Bonds - Gabrielle Eternal Bonds - Gabrielle & Joxer Amphipolis Under Seige Amphipolis Under Seige - Xena Amphipolis Under Seige - Ares Amphipolis Under Seige - Gabrielle Amphipolis Under Seige - A Brief Affair Amphipolis Under Seige - Ilainus Amphipolis Under Seige - Athena Married with Fishsticks Married with Fishsticks - Gabrielle Married with Fishsticks - Bad Dreams Lifeblood Lifeblood - Gabrielle's Vision Lifeblood - Amazons Lifeblood - Eve's Tribe Lifeblood - Samsara Lifeblood - Karina Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits - Gabrielle Kindred Spirits - Xena Kindred Spirits - Amazons Looking Death in the Eye Looking Death in the Eye Looking Death in the Eye - Xena Looking Death in the Eye - Side by  Side Looking Death in the Eye - Gabrielle Antony and Cleopatra Antony and Cleopatra - Gabrielle Antony and Cleopatra - Antony Antony and Cleopatra - Xena Livia Livia - Eve Livia - Ares Livia - Gabrielle Livia - Icy Tomb Livia - Xena Eve Eve - Eve's Conversion Eve Eve - Xena Eve - Chakram Version Motherhood Motherhood - The gods Motherhood - Gabrielle and Aphrodite Motherhood - Xena Motherhood - Eve

"Seeds of Faith" is my first 800x600 Xena montage. I finished up this season in May 2000. Is there anyone who likes "Married with Fishsticks?" I'm not sure I have a favorite episode from this season. But somehow I managed to create 109 collages for it!

Also of note, the screen captures I used for "Lifeblood" and "Looking Death in the Eye" are my own!