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14 October 2009 @ 11:32 pm
Xena Season Four  
Angie's Xena Season Four Montages

Adventures in the Sin Trade Adventures in the Sin  Trade - Soul Searching Adventures in the Sin  Trade - Mourning Gabrielle Adventures in the Sin  Trade - Crossing Over Adventures in the Sin  Trade - Battle with Beserker Adventures in the Sin  Trade - Xena Adventures in the Sin  Trade II Adventures in the Sin  Trade II - Cyane Adventures in the Sin  Trade II - Yakut & Otere Adventures in the Sin  Trade II - Alti Adventures in the Sin  Trade II - Confrontation Adventures in the Sin  Trade II - Xena's Betrayal Adventures in the Sin  Trade II - Future Shock A Family Affair A Family Affair - The  Destroyer A Family Affair - Joxer A Family Affair - Reunion In Sickness and in Hell In Sickness and in Hell A Good Day A Good Day - Gabrielle A Good Day - Xena A Tale of Two Muses A Tale of Two Muses Locked Up and Tied Down Locked Up and Tied Down -  Gabrielle Crusader Crusader Crusader - Najara Past Imperfect Past Imperfect The Key to the Kingdom The Key to the Kingdom Daughter of Pomira Daughter of Pomira If the Shoe Fits... If the Shoe Fits... If the Shoe Fits... Paradise Found Paradise Found -  Gabrielle Devi Devi Between the Lines Between the Lines The Way The Way The Play’s the Thing The Play’s the Thing -  Minya & Paulina The Convert The Convert Takes One to Know One Takes One to Know One -  Xena Takes One to Know One Endgame Endgame - Ephiny Endgame - Amazons Endgame - Requiem Endgame - The Battle The Ides of March The Ides of March -  Callisto The Ides of March -  Gabrielle The Ides of March - Caesar The Ides of March - Xena The Ides of March - Xena &  Gabrielle Deja Vu All Over Again Deja Vu All Over Again -  Reflection Version

Xena Retrospective: My season four 640x480 montages were created completely out of episodic order in 1999. This season marked the first time that I really hated an episode. Of course I'm referring to "The Way." However, once "The Ides of March" was aired all was forgiven!