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14 October 2009 @ 10:33 am
Xena Season Three  
Angie's  Xena Season Three Montages

The Furies The Furies Been There Done That Been There Done That - Xena Been There Done That - Comfort Me The Dirty Half Dozen The Deliverer The Deliverer - Gabrielle Gabrielle’s Hope The Debt The Debt - Barbarian Version The Debt - Lao Ma The Debt - A Sad Goodbye The Debt - Avenger Version The Debt 2 The Debt 2 - Decisions Version The Debt 2 - Studen and Teacher The Debt 2 - Taking Flight The Debt 2 - Know the Way The King of Assassins The King of Assassins - Gabrielle The King of Assassins - Autolycus and  Joxer Warrior... Priestess... Tramp Warrior... Priestess... Tramp -  Look-a-likes The Quill is Mightier... The Quill is Mightier... - Gabrielle Maternal Instincts Maternal Instincts - Callisto Maternal Instincts - Callisto Maternal Instincts - Gabrielle Maternal Instincts - Xena The Bitter Suite The Bitter Suite - Gabrielle The Bitter Suite - Callisto The Bitter Suite - Ares The Bitter Suite - Xena One Against an Army One Against an Army - Gabrielle One Against an Army - Xena One Against an Army - Even in Death ... Forgiven Forgiven - Gabrielle King Con When In Rome... When In Rome... - Triumvirate Version When In Rome... - Gabrielle Forget Me Not Forget Me Not - Three Rivers Version Forget Me Not - Joxer and Gabrielle Forget Me Not - Joxer Forget Me Not - Ares Fins, Femmes & Gems Fins, Femmes & Gems - Xena Fins, Femmes & Gems - Joxer Fins, Femmes & Gems - Gabrielle Fins, Femmes & Gems - Monkeyin’ Around Tsunami Tsunami Tsunami - Happy Ending Vanishing Act Vanishing Act - Autolycus Sacrifice Sacrifice - Callisto Sacrifice - Ares Sacrifice 2 Sacrifice 2 - Callisto Sacrifice 2 - Callisto Sacrifice 2 - The Final Battle

Xena Retrospective: My season three 640x480 montages were created during June - October of 1999. At the time, I used Paint Shop Pro 3. I would blend the screen captures to achieve my desired look. My favorite episodes were "The Bitter Suite" and "The Debt 2."