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13 October 2009 @ 12:55 pm
Xena Season Two - Series I & II  
Angie's  Xena Season Two Montages

Orphan of War Remember Nothing The Giant Killer Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Return of Callisto Return of Callisto - Callisto Warrior...Princess...Tramp Intimate Stranger Ten Little Warlords Ten Little Warlords A Solstice Carol The Xena Scrolls The Xena Scrolls - Jan and Mel Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis -  Xena Destiny Destiny - Version 2 Destiny - Version 3 Destiny - Version 4 Destiny - Version 5 Destiny - Version 6 Destiny - Version 7 The Quest The Quest - Autolycus The Quest - Amazons The Quest - The Kiss The Quest - Xena The Quest - The Reunion A Necessary Evil A Necessary Evil - Velasca A Necessary Evil - Ephiny A Necessary Evil - Callisto A Day in the Life A Day in the Life - Hot Tub A Day in the Life - Version 2 For Him the Bell Tolls For Him the Bell Tolls - Aphrodite The Execution Blind Faith Blind Faith - Palaemon Ulysses The Price The Price - Xena Lost Mariner Lost Mariner - Gabrielle Comedy of Eros - Joxer and Gabrielle A Comedy of Eros - Xena and Draco A Comedy of Eros

Xena Retrospective: This set began February 1999 and was completed June 1999. Again, the collages are 640x480. Apparently "Destiny" was my favorite episode of the season since it received seven montages!

Orphan of War - Kaleipus Orphan of War - Solan Orphan of War - Gabrielle Orphan of War - Dagnine Orphan of War - Xena Remember Nothing - The Fates Remember Nothing - Gabrielle Remember Nothing - Xena Remember Nothing - Lyceus The Giant Killer - David The Giant Killer - Gabrielle The Giant Killer - Xena Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Joxer Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Xena Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Gabrielle Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Bacchae Return of Callisto Return of Callisto - Callisto's Death Return of Callisto - Joxer

Series two is incomplete. I started February 2004 and left off in September 2004. The last montage of this unfinished 800x600 series is Joxer in "Return of Callisto."
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alarson17: Natural Beautyalarson17 on October 13th, 2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
Well, most of these are a decade old ... I would hope I've improved!