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13 October 2009 @ 10:43 am
Xena Season One - Series I & II  
Angie's  Xena Season One Montages

Opening Credits Sins of the Past Chariots of War Dreamworker Cradle of Hope Cradle of Hope The Path Not Taken The Reckoning The Titans Prometheus Death In Chains Hooves and Harlots The Black Wolf Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts Athens City Academy of the Performing  Bards A Fistful of Dinars Warrior... Princess Warrior... Princess - Xena Mortal Beloved Mortal Beloved The Royal Couple of Thieves The Prodigal Altared States Ties that Bind The Greater Good The Greater Good - Gabrielle Callisto Callisto Death Mask Is There a Doctor in the House?

Xena Retrospective: These are my original 640x480 Xena Season One montages. They were made in 1999. I became a Xenite mid way through the first season on January 13, 1996. The first episode I saw was "The Black Wolf". I decided immediately to tape every episode. I was afraid that it wouldn't be renewed for a second season! Who knew it would last for six?

Sins of the Past - Gabrielle Sins of the Past - Xena Sins of the Past - Draco Chariots of War - Gabrielle Chariots of War - Xena Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts - Gabrielle Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts - Xena Athens City Academy of the Performing  Bards - Gabrielle Athens City Academy of the Performing  Bards - Gabrielle A Fistful of Dinars - Gabrielle A Fistful of Dinars - Xena A Fistful of Dinars - Thersites Warrior... Princess - Xena Warrior... Princess - Xena Warrior... Princess - Diana Mortal Beloved - Gabrielle Mortal Beloved - Xena Dreamworker - Gabrielle Dreamworker - Gabrielle Dreamworker - Xena Cradle of Hope - Xena Cradle of Hope - Gabrielle The Path Not Taken - Xena The Path Not Taken - Gabrielle The Reckoning - Xena The Reckoning - Ares The Reckoning - Gabrielle The Titans - Gabrielle The Titans - Xena Prometheus - Gabrielle Prometheus - Xena Death In Chains - Xena Death In Chains - Gabrielle Hooves and Harlots - Gabrielle Hooves and Harlots - Xena Hooves and Harlots - Melosa Hooves and Harlots - Ephiny The Black Wolf - Gabrielle The Black Wolf - Xena The Royal Couple of Thieves -  Autolycus The Royal Couple of Thieves -  Autolycus The Royal Couple of Thieves -  Gabrielle The Royal Couple of Thieves - Xena The Prodigal - Gabrielle The Prodigal - Gabrielle The Prodigal - Xena The Prodigal - Lila The Prodigal - Meleager Altared States - Gabrielle Altared States - Xena Ties that Bind - Ares Ties that Bind - Gabrielle Ties that Bind - Xena The Greater Good - Gabrielle The Greater Good - Gabrielle The Greater Good - Xena Callisto Callisto Callisto - Gabrielle Callisto - Joxer Callisto - Xena Death Mask - Gabrielle Death Mask - Xena Is There a Doctor in the House? -  Gabrielle Is There a Doctor in the House? -  Ephiny Is There a Doctor in the House?-  Xena

This is my second set of season one montages. They are 800x600. This series began in August 2002 and was completed in November 2003. My favorite season one episode has to be "Sins of the Past" followed closely behind by "Hooves & Harlots."